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You want your organization to thrive. You want your team members to grow and succeed. You want a business that attracts and retains top talent. Culture is your key to igniting real business transformation, results and impact.


Are you ready to lead?


The Fired-Up! team is the perfect catalyst for organizational change and strategic leadership development.


The team at Fired-Up! partnered with us and became a co-creator of where we wanted to go and how to get there.


The engagement was a unique and impactful combination of strategy and tactics, encouragement and challenge, structure and flexibility.


At the end of the day, the issues have been addressed, goals and responsibilities are clearly defined, and participants feel fulfilled and cohesive.

Fired-Up! Culture can help your company grow, thrive, ignite!

Since 2012, we've helped thousands of team members find a voice and hundreds of businesses move from frustrated to on fire.

How can we help YOU?

What We Do

We believe that people are the most valuable asset of any organization.

Our innovative tools and solutions will help you understand how to care for your team members, foster a culture of excellence, and experience business breakthroughs like you've never seen before.

How we do it.

  • Culture Survey

    Our low-cost, high-value employee survey tool is a powerful way for your leadership team to assess your company’s culture and set in motion a set of solutions to maximize your greatest asset: your people.

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  • Leadership Summits

    Leadership retreats are lame. Participants don’t leave energized and hungry to drive change in your organization. Fired-Up! Culture’s Summits are focused and fun, and will ignite your team.

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  • Executive Coaching

    We can ignite you and your team with customized individual and group coaching that will focus on personal development and creating a high-performance business culture within your organization.

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Who we serve

Chris Ihrig, CEO

Meet the team

The Fired-Up! team has a proven success philosophy that advances people and establishes corporate vision around creating dynamic and Fired-Up! organizational cultures.

Meet the rest of the Fired-Up! team